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Ceteau Vacuum Consolidation

Vacuum Consolidation
The innovative CeTeau Vacuo is developed to further shorten the consolidation period for soft and very soft saturated fine-grained soils, compared to vertical wick drain with surchage. The loading process creates an accelerated isotropic consolidation in the soil mass in a relatively short time, eliminating the need for long-term and potentially unstable surchage loads.

The Technique
GSE UltraFlex has a proven history of successful installation in applications where increased flexibility is important, like landfill caps. Higher elongation properties make GSE UltraFlex ideal where conforming to irregularities in the subgrade mau cause punctures and tears in other liners. These products also offer improved shear performance for sloped applications. Depending on your specific application, GSE UltraFlex products will provide the result you need.

The advantage of this method over the traditional sealing by geomembrane is that leaks are fully traceable even after surchage loading. There is no requirement for drainage sand, or a complex subsoil drainage system, as the water flows through the piping system. The system is fully compatible with ground improved using vertical wick drain with surchage, giving the designers the freedom for project cost optimization


  • Stability problems

  • No space for shallow slopes or berms

  • Minimal allowable deformation of subsoil (close to buildings)

  • Short construction time available

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Ceteau Vibro Stone Columns

Vibro Stone Column
CeTeau Vibro Replacement increases the load bearing capacity by constructing stone columns in weak soils. This technique provides an economically and technically solution to a wide range of foundation problems.

The Technique
Crushed aggregates are placed into the soil at regular intervals throughout the area where the soil bearing capacity needs to be improved. This is done either by using the dry bottom or the wet top feed vibrators, which are forced into the ground. The aggregates are then allowed to take the place of displaces soil.

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Ceteau Vibroflotation

This method is also known as “Sand Compaction”. Natural deposits as well as artificially reclamed sands can be compacted up to a depth of 70 meter. The intensity of compaction can be varied to meet bearing capacity criteria. Other improvement effects such as reduction of both total and differential settlements are achieved.

The Technique

Vibroflotationis a deep compaction method using vibro technique, generally used for coarse non cohesive soils. The action of the vibrator, usually accompanied by water jetting, reduces the inter granular forces between the soil particles allowing them to move into a more open configuration. After a certain time the optimum configuration is reached. Than the vibrator is raised a short distance and the procedure is repeated..