International Associations

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International Geosynthetics Society (IGS)

The IGS is a non-profit organization dedicated to the scientific and engineering development of geosynthetics and associated technologies. The Society brings together individual and corporate members from all parts of the world, who are involved in the design, manufacture, sale, use or testing of geotextiles, geomembranes, related products and associated technologies, or who teach or conduct research about such products.Adapt these three columns to fit you design need. To duplicate, delete or move columns, select the column and use the top icons to perform your action.

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International Association of Geosynthetic Installer (IAGI)

The IAGI is the international professional association representing geosynthetic material installers and their industry partners. The first group of geosynthetic installers got together with the goal of advancing the installation and construction technologies as well as to provide a central clearinghouse for worldwide industry information. The founding members of IAGI were passionately committed to advancing the level of professionalism for geosynthetic installers.

National Associations

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Camber of Commerce and Industry (Kamar Dagang dan Industri = KADIN) 

The KADIN is an association of Indonesian entrepreneurs. The Society serves as a strategic forum and facilitator in elevating the pivotal role of entrepreneurs in Indonesia, intensifying business interaction and promoting regional economic growth. The KADIN also functions as the communication medium between Indonesian entrepreneurs and the government, with the aim of enhancing national economic planning and development.

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Indonesian National Builder Association (Gabungan Perusahaan Konstruksi Nasional Indonesia = GAPEKSINDO)

The GAPEKSINDO is an association of Indonesian construction services. The GAPEKSINDO aims are to foster and develop the business proficiency upon the interest of the members, create and develop the beneficial and healthy business, achieving sense of solidarity among members by dissociate themselves from unhealthy competitions, and create good communications and consultation between members and the government or National / Foreign Companies or institutions or other organizations in business relevance to the Construction Services.