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GSE HDPE Geomembrans

GSE offers the largest capacity and widest slection of smooth or textured HDPE geomembrane to suit our customers’ specific lining needs. Our HDPE geomembrane offer excellent chemical resistence and physical properties. We offer the following HDPE geomembranes:

GSE White : A coextruded, light reflective geomembrane, available is smooth or textured surfaces. Thus product reduces heat built-up, minimizes wrinkles, and improves visual damage detection.

GSE Conductive : A spark testable geomembrane, available in white or black color. This geomembrane allows for easy and efficient spak testing of the installed material to detect and locate potential leaks.

GSE Green : The green surfaced geomembrane eliminates the cost of cover soil, a vegetative layer, and improves the aesthetics for the community.

GSE HD : This black geomembrane has the best stress crack and endurance properties, and is available in smooth or textured surfaces on one or both sides.

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GSE LLDP Geomembran

If you require flexibility and elongation performance, linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) geomembranes are your best choice.In addition to our HDPE geomembrane product range, GSE LLDPE geomembranes includes GSE UltraFlex in green, white, or black color, and is available in asmooth, textured or conductive surface.

GSE UltraFlex has a proven history of successful installation in applications where increased flexibility is important, like landfill caps. Higher elongation properties make GSE UltraFlex ideal where conforming to irregularities in the subgrade mau cause punctures and tears in other liners. These products also offer improved shear performance for sloped applications. Depending on your specific application, GSE UltraFlex products will provide the result you need.

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GSE Geosynthetic Clay Liners

Geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) can reduce or replace thick, time-consuming, and expensive compacted clay liner in many applications. GCLs combine geosynthetics with sodium bentonite clay to form a highly impermeable barrier that often replaces thick layer of compacted clay. GSE offer two types of GCLs :

GSE GundSeal : This product is the most hydraulically resistant GCL available making this GCL an ideal one product composite geomembrane and clay lining system.

GSE BentoLiner : This GCL combines durable geotextile outer layer with an inner layer of low permeability sodium bentonite clay.

Our GCLs are engineered to reduce costs and increase performance even in the most demanding environments.

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GSE Geonet & Geocomposites

GSE offers a broad range of quality geonet and geocomposite products designed to complement or replace sand, stone, and gravel.

GSE HyperNet Geonets & Fabrinet Geocomposites : The standrad biplanar products offer a more cost-efficient drainage solution.

GSE PermaNet Geonets & Geocomposites : The biplanar productsoffer superior compressive strength and creep resistance along with high flow capacity.

GSE TRx Geonets & Geocomposites : This biplanar products provide higher transmissivities under a wide normal stress range.

No matter what your project requires, GSE products will meet your expectations

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GSE Specialty Product

GSE StudLiner : An HDPE concrete protection liner with studs on one side that lock the liner into the surface to prolong the life of the concrete.

GSE Vertical Barrier Systems : GSE CurtainWall and GSE GundWall are designed to block lateral migration of surface fluids.

GSE TunnelLiner :An underground waterproof barrier liner system consisting of a polyethylene geomembrane with outstanding mechanical properties.

GSE PolyLock :This product is a rugged, durable HDPE profile that can be cast-in-place or inserted into wet concrete, leaving the welding surface exposed upon completion of concrete preparation.