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Geosynthetic Product

Geosynthetic is a planar, polymeric (synthetic or natural) material sheet used in contact with soil/rock and/or any other geotechnical material in civil engineering applications.

Geosynthetics can be broadly classified into categories based on method of manufacture as the following products :

  • Geotextile (woven and nonwoven)

  • Geogrid (biaxial and uniaxial)

  • Geomembrane (smooth and textured)

  • Geopipe (corrugated and/or perforated)

  • Geocell

  • Geomat

  • Geonet

  • Geobar

  • Geoarmour

  • Geoform

  • Geofoam

  • Geocomposites(geocomposite clay liner, geocomposite drain, geocomposite reinforcement)

  • Others