About Us

Great Service for Great People

PT. Teknindo Geosistem Unggul was established in 1996 in Surabaya with a commitment to provide quality services and technology in the range of geosynthetics. In just a few short years, through hard work, dedications and proven track records, we have established ourselves as a leading name on geosynthetics applications and ground improvement construction services for civil engineering and environmental engineering in Indonesia.

PT. Teknindo Geosistem Unggul offers a comprehensive range of services which includes site investigation, proposal of project design, execution of soil improvement works, geosynthetics applications, geotechnical intrumentation and monitoring. Whether you are contractor, consulting engineer, or owner, we will :

Solve Your Problems

If you have a problem and know what you need, we will supply the solutions. If you have a problem but do not know what you need, we will be studying your requirements and recommending the cost effective solutions.
By evaluating the problem, it shall be a guarantee to the extensively succeed in implementation.

Provide Technical and Operational Performance

Through years in the national construction fields, we have gained invaluable experiences and exposure which we optimize in the various project that we undertake.

Our competence comes from resolving all of the complexities that follow every modern construction project. As a result, we have gained the skills of SPECIALIST.

By developing our own specialized methods, state-of-the art machines, materials and highly trained personnel, we guarantee top perfomance at anytime, anywhere. We possess the required potential.

One Stop Specialist Geotechnical Centre

To ensure optimum execution off all ground improvement techniques from technical and economic point of view, GEOSISTEM provides a full range of complementary services. Includes the following :

  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Preliminary Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Technical Presentation
  • Implementation of Ground Improvement and Geosynthetic Application Works
  • Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring
  • Final Reporting